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The EST-FL is the perfect commercial dishwasher for glassware and dishware. It can accommodate a variety of products up to 16" high. With upper and lower rotating wash and rinse arms provide excellent cleaning. This high-temperature dishwasher includes a built-in scrap accumulator that traps plate debris in a removable external drawer, keeping the wash water clean.


  • 75% less floor space than traditional Dish machines (compact space-saving design)
  • Standard 20"X 20" racks
  • Requires only 5.06 sq ft of floor space
  • Front loading door design provides optimal working height for easy loading and unloading of dishes
  • 90 sec cycle (40 racks per hour)
  • Energy Star water saving design uses only 1.09 gallons of water per cycle
  • Standard 115 v electrical circuit
  • Powerful Stainless Steel pump with Upper and Lower Wash Arms
  • Pumped fresh water rinse system
  • Low-temp chemical sanitizing system which requires minimum 120 degree, ideal 140 degree water supply
  • Top mounted controls with automatic 3-product dispensing system
  • Large 16" dish clearance height
  • Interchangeable components compatible with other CMA products
  • Inside sump design
  • ETL/UL/Energy Star Certified


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