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Expert Commercial Dishwasher Repair Services By ACS

For 30+ years, Advanced Chemical Solutions has been a leading source of exceptional cleaning results for the food service, hospitality, healthcare, and lodging industries. Our dedication to delivering top-notch commercial dishwasher repair paired with superior chemical supply has earned us an outstanding reputation we strive every day to maintain.

Advanced Dishwasher Repair & Support

Cleanliness is the foundation for a superior customer experience. That's why commercial dishwashers serve as an essential tool for food service businesses. Ensuring spotless dishes and glassware helps guarantee customers are pleased with their visit every time – something only achievable through optimal dishwasher performance.

How We Provide Superior Results

We correct common issues such as clogged inlet valves, damaged spray arms, adjust rinse cycles, and replace electrical boards. You can count on our commercial dishwasher repair service to be consistent and thorough by performing the following checks to remedy common faults as well as advanced repairs.

We understand the importance of fast response time for dishwasher repair. That’s why our service team is trained and available to dispatch a service call immediately when you experience an issue with your commercial dishwasher. Our team will create a plan of action that typically covers all aspects of the repair process – from diagnostics to part installation.

Our specialized techs arrive on-site prepared with a tailored approach to address your unique situation. With years of on-the-job experience and industry knowledge, our certified technicians ensure fast and reliable service you can count on every time.

Not only do we stock OEM parts, but each repair is backed by their quality so you can expect nothing less than a reliable outcome. OEM parts are expertly manufactured to the exact specifications of the factory originals, so you can rest assured that they will perform as promised.

Customer satisfaction is our highest priority. That is why we make sure to conduct a follow-up with each customer after we have completed a repair job. We want to ensure that the customer is satisfied with the work that was performed and that their expectations were met.

Our Leaders In Service

We specialize in creating, installing, and implementing cleaning plans that will optimize the efficiency of dishwashing systems. An optimized system ensures your meet all necessary sanitization requirements. These plans are made possible by our experienced team of territory managers.

Having been trained to repair popular dishwasher models from industry-leading brands like Hobart, Jackson, CMA, Champion, and Knight - our techs are great at providing accurate diagnoses. By working on the latest makes and models, our techs are always up to date on current equipment repair solutions.

Customer care and professionalism are two aspects of our service that we never compromise on. Each tech supports customers in their territory, being their go-to dishwasher and chemical counterpart. We operate on a proactive routine schedule, so our techs visit customers regularly to provide consistent support.

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Regional Service Coverage

Expert commercial dishwasher repair companies are few and far between, with many providers offering only partial services. In rural areas, many business owners wonder, "who do I call for commercial dishwasher repair near me?" Our regional service network and territory manager system guarantee that ACS can provide local repair services near you.

From commercial dishwashers to cleaning chemical supplies, we provide the complete package for customers no matter their area. Our customers trust us with their operations - allowing them to create safe and clean spaces that customers, staff, and guests can enjoy while maintaining optimal hygiene standards.

Why Customers Choose ACS For Dishwasher Repair Services

Keeping our customers happy and well-supported is our objective. "We see your techs more in the last month than we did all of last year with our previous service provider." We hear this a lot from customers that have recently switched to ACS. We understand the importance of customer interaction. It's why our techs are on a first-name basis with owners, managers, and kitchen staff. We believe in service before the sale, and the benefits of being an ACS customer reflect that belief.

Our Pro-Active Route Maintenance

Like all machines, chemical dispensers and commercial dishwashers need regular maintenance to keep them running smoothly. That's where we come in. We offer a proactive maintenance service that provides customers peace of mind and significant cost savings.

Each service visit won't always result in a repair service - but we also visit to answer any questions, address concerns and provide any training needed.

24/7 Emergency Service

We offer 24/7 emergency repair services to our customers. An ACS tech is available at all times to help get your dishwasher up and running again. So you can focus on what's important - with minimal downtime.

Top-Rated Food Safety Training

Customer safety is always our top priority. That's why all of our service techs complete food safety training courses from ServSafe®, developed by the National Restaurant Association.

These courses provide the knowledge and skills needed to avoid risks associated with food-borne illness. They also learn about proper sanitation procedures to ensure that food preparation areas are clean and contaminant free. Upon completion, our techs are certified to provide customers with the highest level of service possible.

Accurate Service Every Time

Our service techs use tablets to help record important customer information. The tablets allow us to keep track of data, take images, and record signatures in one place. This helps us provide better service to our customers by having all the information we need in one place.


It's common to have questions when it comes to our dishwasher repair service. We want to make sure all your worries are taken care of and you feel comfortable each step along the way.

Why Won't My Dishwasher Start?

Commercial dishwashers for rent are specific to the customer's needs. New commercial dishwashers offer the latest technology and features, providing businesses with the most advanced and efficient dishwashing solution. These dishwashers are designed to meet the demands of high-volume operations and thus come with a higher monthly payment.

On the other hand, used commercial dishwashers are an affordable solution for businesses on a budget. These dishwashers have been previously owned. They may have some wear and tear, but our service department thoroughly inspects and tests each machine. This ensures that each dishwasher is in good working condition for the next customer.

Where Is ACS Located

A wide range of businesses rent commercial dishwashers, with the most common being restaurants. Dishwasher rental for restaurants is a popular option as it provides them with an efficient solution for their dishwashing needs. Restaurants require dishwashers capable of handling high volumes of dishes, glassware, pots, and pans.

How Much Does It Cost To Repair A Commercial Dishwasher

The cost to rent a commercial dishwasher varies. Factors such as the model and duration of the rental period affect the cost. However, the commercial dishwasher rental cost is typically calculated based on the total amount.

This total amount includes the purchase price of the dishwasher and any additional services or supplies that may be required. This total amount is then divided into manageable monthly payments, making it easier for businesses to budget for their dishwashing needs.

Renting a commercial dishwasher is often more reasonable than buying one outright. Especially for businesses that do not need to use a dishwasher regularly.

Inside of a Hobart am16 commercial dishwasher
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We Supply & Service The Top Brands

ACS is proud to sell and service various makes and models of commercial dishwashers from the top brands in the industry. As a leading provider of commercial dishwashing solutions, ACS is committed to providing fast and efficient service.

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Placed an order on a Friday afternoon and it showed up Monday! Awesome turn-around! Thanks guys.

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Gary, and Mark are great to work with. Very knowledgeable about what they sell and supply, plus installed the equipment very efficiently. I look forward to a partnership for a very long time. Any time I have called on an issue, they get here in a timely manner and get it resolved right away. Donald is one of the best trouble shooters and mechanics i have seen. He really knows his trade.

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From the beginning of the remodel to the busy Friday nights, ACS had been a partner that SHINE has relied on. Clean spotless glasses are a necessity for craft beer and ACS has helped us use our old machines to lower our startup cost, and now helping us figure out the best machines to use as our business grows. Great service and even better people.!

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Great products and service. Levi checks in all the time to make sure everything is going as it should and is quick to respond when an issue arises in the front or back of house. I love that maintenance is included In being a customer of ACS. Cost is competitive and quality is high.

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We lease a dish machine and buy our chemicals through ACS. We have been very happy with the service and Levi is always quick to respond any time we have a question or need assistance.

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Our local office in Bozeman is great. They've always been very responsive to any needs we've had on the equipment. Re-ordering chemicals through Bargreen is a different story. We never quite know what's going on with them and when we can expect them to stop in to check on what we need. This would be a 5 star review if ACS didn't rely on Bargreen for supplies distribution.

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Doug W. and Nick S. are the best! The products are fantastic and they are very prompt to show up if there ever is a problem. Would definitely recommend!!

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ACS has top notch service! Always respond quickly to service calls, and has the right product for the job I need to do.

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Delivers working chemicals for our brewhouse needs, sales rep visits often and supplies samples to test before investing the product.

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Great Service!

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Service is always prompt and Austin is the best.

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Placed an order on a Friday afternoon and it showed up Monday! Awesome turn-around! Thanks guys.

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