Solid Chlorinated Laundry Detergent
Solid Chlorinated Laundry Detergent


$ 145.29 USD

Stage 2 is a solid laundry detergent with a unique formula that cleans deep down into fibers to lift away soil and condition fabric. It cleans and whitens in one easy step, and combines detergent cleaners, water conditioners, and soil suspenders with chlorine power to deliver a solid performance. Super concentrated chlorinated formula attacks soil and stains for easy removal during a laundry wash process.

Soil suspension and water conditioning agents prevent dulling and graying of fabrics.

Solid form cannot be spilled; promotes safe handling by employees.

Cannot be accidentally mixed with sour to generate dangerous chlorine gas.

Each capsule yields approximately 240 (50 lb) loads.


Remove cap and place container upside down in the dispenser bowl. Detergent is automatically dispensed into the wash cycle.

Caution: Water directed to the dispenser should be less than 140 degrees Fahrenheit.

Mix with nothing but water.

Only for use through a laundry dispenser.

Your ACS Representative will set the controls to inject the correct amount of detergent.


  • Color - White
  • Fragrance - Chlorine
  • pH - NA
  • pH, Use Solution - 8.0-10.0
  • Detergency - Excellent
  • Wetting - Excellent
  • Emulsification - Excellent
  • Hard Water Tolerance - Excellent
  • Rinsability - Excellent
  • Fumes - Chlorine
  • Flash Point - none
  • Corrosive Factor - None
  • Shelf Life - 1 year