$ 140.00 USD

Premium FL Seriously Soft is a concentrated softener that is formulated specifically for institutional multi-component laundry systems. It reduces “static” in drying operations and restores the “hand” to linens. Additional benefits include wrinkle reduction, improved extraction efficiency in the wheel, and reduced dry time. Provides a “springtime fresh” scent for finished linens. Seriously Soft concentrated formula improves ease of storage, handling, and on-premise use while delivering an excellent end-use economy. Designed for use with a storage rack to make the most of the available floor space in your laundry area.

Features & Benefits

  • Safe to use on all fabrics
  • Reduces drying time by as much as 25%
  • Greatly reduces the need for touch-up ironing of permanent press fabrics
  • Renders harsh, rough fabrics soft and fluffy in one application.
  • Anti-static: Imparts anti-static properties to such synthetic fabric as nylon, orlon, dynel and rayon


FOR AUTOMATIC FEEDING: Open container carefully. Remove pickup tube or cap adapter from empty container and insert into new container being careful not to drip any product on skin or clothing. If air pockets are present in tubing leading from container to dispenser or from dispenser to laundry machine, prime dispenser to completely fill tubing. Dispenser is programmed to add Premium FL Seriously Soft to correct machine cycle in the proper amount.

Consult your ACS Representative for specific instruction and application set up.


  • Appearance: Blue
  • Specific Gravity: 1.06
  • Odor: Pleasant herbal
  • Ph (Conc.): 5-6
  • Flash Point: >385°F (196°C)