Premium Concentrated Delimer

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Readychem Lime Free is a premium, multi-purpose acid detergent, cleaner, and delimer. It combines pure phosphoric acid and hydrochloric acid with select controlled foaming, biodegradable surfactants, and detergents that penetrant for superior performance. This delimer cleaner dissolves lime, scale, soil, milkestone, film, aluminum, ceramic, enamelware, stone, tile, and many other surfaces. Versatility allows this formula to be recommended for many uses: food serving, preparation, and processing equipment such as commercial dishwashers, steam tables, kettles, coffee and tea urns, C.I.P., pasteurizers & stainless steel equipment.

Features & Benefits
  • Concentrated
  • Economical
  • Controlled Foam
  • Improved Performance
  • Corrosion Inhibited
  • Safer on Surfaces
  • Labor Saving
  • Low Odor
  • Pleasant to Use

COMMERCIAL DISHWASHERS: Instructions for use as a delimer for commercial dishwasher. Turn off detergent feeder, drain tanks and fill with clean, hot water. Add 2 to 6 oz. per gallon of tank water, insert racks and cycle machine until clean. Scrub built-up areas with brush or pad. Check washer arms, nozzles, jets and drains. Clean outside of machine and wipe dry. Drain detergent solution from tank, rinse with clean water and refill machine with detergent feeder operating.

FOR GENERAL CLEANING: Use 2 to 6 oz. per gallon of water. Apply by soaking, brushing, wiping, spraying, mopping or automatic scrubbing as required. Do not use steel wool while scrubbing. Use rubber gloves while hand washing. Hot solutions and stronger solutions with longer contact time will speed removal of thick scale accumulations, rust and encrusted soils. Always rinse thoroughly after using. Wipe dry to shine if desired.

FOR CIP CLEANING: Follow a similar process for C.I.P., industrial washers, tanks, pipes, pumps and circulators as with commercial dishwashers.

Product Properties
  • Appearance: Colorless
  • Specific Gravity: 1.19
  • Odor: Characteristic; Slight Sulfur
  • Ph (Conc.): 0-1
  • Flash Point: Not applicable
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