Food Processing Sanitizer
Food Processing Sanitizer


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Shepard Bros., Inc. has various approved use-applications for OXINE FP® (chlorine dioxide) in Food Processing environments. Past experience has proven the need for more effective and powerful sanitization products in the food processing facilities (i.e. poultry-meat-fish), bottling plants, restaurants, dairies, and breweries. OXINE FP can be that powerful sanitizing product. - It is important to maintain a high-quality sanitation program to prevent the ingestion of microorganism-contaminated food, which can result in loss of lives, damage customer confidence, and elevate financial risk. - OXINE FP activated, can deliver an exceedingly strong kill against a wide range of microorganisms in short periods of contact time. When using OXINE FP, there is little toxic residue remaining and minimal corrosion to processing equipment, tanks, lines, etc.


Chlorine dioxide has unique performance characteristics versus most commonly used sanitizers and disinfectants that make it ideally suited for many applications:

  • Chlorine dioxide is ten times more soluble in water than chlorine.
  • It resists neutralization by organics and hardness to a much greater degree than most other compounds.
  • Much less corrosive than hypochlorites, stabilized chlorines, bromines, iodine, etc.
  • More rapid antimicrobial kills.
  • Slower bacterial recovery.
  • Disinfection is effective over a wide pH range.
  • Effective at very low dosages.
  • Non-reactive with ammonia.
  • Excellent for removal of biofilm.
  • Can be fogged or sprayed into the environment




All Food Contact Surfaces (USDA D2)*

OXINE FP can be used as a D2 sanitizer throughout food processing plants on all food contact surfaces. This includes all processing equipment, transfer lines, tanks, trays, bins, blenders, and conveyors normally found in these environments. Sanitizers are applied using either a portable or a central system, clean in place (CIP) or clean out of place (COP). The sanitizing rinses should be applied according to specific directions for use on the OXINE FP EPA approved label. *D2 does not require a potable water rinse after application.

Indirect Food Contact (USDA G5)

OXINE FP can be used to treat recirculating or once-through process water used for container or packaging, cooling, ice loops, retorts, rotary coolers, hydrostatic sterilizers and pasturizers in the canning and frozen food industry, dairies, beverage and brewery industry.

Secondary Food Additive (USDA 3D – Direct Food Contact)

OXINE FP can be used to treat waters transporting fruits, vegetables, mushrooms, poultry, etc. when used as a sanitizing wash and usually is followed by a potable water rinse. This includes primary and secondary flume canals, product transfer loops, and finished product rinses prior to packaging or storage.

Non Food Contact Surfaces (USDA P1)

There are numerous other applications on the food-processing label to assist in upgrading your sanitation program, as authorized by specific USDA letter of use.

Disinfectants – Sanitizers – Odor Control

  1. Disinfect walls, ceilings, floors, drains, pipelines and utensils.
  2. To control odor and slime-forming bacteria, molds and mildew, fungi and taste control for ice plants, poultry and meat processing plants. Also commercial water filtration systems and cooling water systems.
  3. Environmental space may be fogged or sprayed (this application is enhanced due to the high solubility of chlorine dioxide in water) in freezer rooms, overhead areas and spirals.

Non-Processing Areas

  1. Waste water micro bio-control and disinfection.
  2. Cooling water, algae and microbiological control.
  3. Loading and unloading docks.

Other Applications

  1. Used as a sanitizer in foot baths and hand rinses.
  2. Sanitizing rinse in mushroom facilities.
  3. Control mold and slime-forming bacteria on walls, floors, ceilings and post crop mushroom growing surfaces.
  4. Excellent for removal of biofilm.