Alkaline CIP Detergent
Alkaline CIP Detergent

Heavy Duty Liquid CIP Cleaner

$ 118.81 USD

Brewguard™ Heavy Duty CIP Cleaner is a liquid alkaline CIP detergent formulated for circulation, soak, and spray cleaning of brewery processing equipment. Ideal for heavily soiled areas such as the brewhouse.

  • Low foaming, highly alkaline cleaner is ideal for CIP applications
  • Specially formulated to provide long lasting stability during extended high temperature cleaning
  • Highly soluble liquid formulation mixes easily with water providing uniform solutions
  • Built-in water conditioners with heavy duty chelates to prevent scale formation
  • Clear, residue-free rinsing – leaves stainless steel bright and shiny
  • Non-corrosive to stainless steel at recommended use dilutions


Please Refer to products SDS sheet for more information.


Kegs, Bright Tanks, Fermenters: 2 – 3 oz. of product per gallon of water

Brewhouse CIP: 4 to 6 oz. of product per gallon of water

Consult your ACS representative for specific use instructions and recommended dispensing equipment