Food Grade Silicone Defoamer
Food Grade Silicone Defoamer


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Shepard Brothers FLEX DF-3, is a concentrated food grade defoamer, is a liquid silicone defoamer for use in many applications throughout the food industries where it is necessary to control excessive amounts of foam. FLEX DF-3 is designed to be particularly effective on foams in starch and proteinaceous systems. The use of FLEX DF-3 in foods is permissible in amounts of 100 ppm under 21 CFR 173.340 where food standards permit.


FLEX DF-3 is most effective when used to prevent foam formation; therefore, it is best to add FLEX DF-3 to the systems before foaming starts. It may be dispensed manually, mixed and dispersed with water for spray applications or it may be sprayed undiluted. For most applications, 50 – 100 ppm of the silicone defoamer is more than adequate to control foam, dependent upon the amount of soil, starch, or protein present in the system. 50 ppm of silicone is equivalent to 1/3 ounce of FLEX DF-3 per 5 gallons of water.


A Safety Data Sheet containing detailed information regarding the properties and safe handling of Flex DF-3 is available on request and should be reviewed prior to using this product.