Metal Safe Alkaline Cleaner
Metal Safe Alkaline Cleaner


$ 113.62 USD

Shepard Brothers DOMOLISH ALS is a foaming concentrated liquid blend of alkaline cleaners, detergents, wetting agents, and solvents specifically formulated for the spray, soak, and foam-cleaning of food processing equipment.


  • Balanced blend of powerful degreasers, alkaline cleaners, detergents and highly effective wetting agents for maximum soil penetration and removal
  • Rapidly attacks and removes protein soils, fats, grease, and cooked-on oils reducing clean up time
  • Stable foam formation for improved cleaner retention and effectiveness
  • Built-in water conditioners prevent hard water precipitates - works in all waters
  • Clear, free rinsing-leaves stainless steel bright and shiny
  • Non-abrasive / Non-corrosive – safe on all metals and plastics
  • Easy to use, stable liquid formulation
  • Environmentally friendly ingredients


Typical use dilution for this product is 1-8 fluid ounces per 1 to 2 gallons. Consult your ACS representative for specific use instructions and recommended dispensing equipment.


A Safety Data Sheet containing detailed information on the properties and safe handling of Shepard Bros., Inc. DOMOLISH ALS is available on request and should be carefully reviewed prior to using this product.