Laundry Detergent W/ Color Safe Bleach
Laundry Detergent W/ Color Safe Bleach


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CONSERV SG67 is a solid laundry detergent that has been formulated with activated color-safe bleach. This one-shot product has 3 key components detergent, activator, and oxygen bleach that work together to provide the best laundry results possible. Certified by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s Safer Choice program, CONSERV SG67’s highly concentrated formula powers out tough soils, odors, and stains with ease and contains biodegradable surfactants.


Remove the cap and place the container upside down in the dispenser bowl. Detergent is automatically dispensed in the wash cycle.

Your ACS Representative will program the use levels for your specific application


  • Color - White
  • Fragrance - None
  • pH - NA
  • pH, Use Solution -10.0-11.0
  • Detergency - Excellent
  • Wetting - Excellent
  • Emulsification - Excellent
  • Hard Water Tolerance - Good
  • Rinsability - Excellent
  • Fumes - None
  • Flash Point - None
  • Shelf Life - Indefinite