Color Safe Bleach
Color Safe Bleach


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CONSERV SG55 COLOR SAFE BLEACH is a solid, color-safe oxygen bleach that is designed to remove stains, brighten fabrics, and improve cleaning. CONSERV SG55 promotes an enhanced oxygen system that penetrates deep into the fabric to lift and attack stains. It promotes whiteness of whites and vibrant pastels with no harm to colored fabrics or the fiber itself. CONSERV SG55 contains no chlorine, or alyklphenols, and only biodegradable surfactants.


Remove the cap and place the container upside down in the dispenser bowl. Conserv SG55 Color Safe Bleach is automatically dispensed in the wash cycle.

Your ACS Chemicals representative will program the use levels for your specific application.


  • Color - White
  • Fragrance - None
  • pH - NA
  • pH, Use Solution -10.0-10.5
  • Detergency - Excellent
  • Wetting - Excellent
  • Emulsification - Excellent
  • Hard Water Tolerance -Excellent
  • Rinsability - Excellent
  • Flash Point - None
  • Corrosive Factor -Non-Corrosive
  • Shelf Life - Indefinite