Laundry Emulsifier
Laundry Emulsifier


$ 90.35 USD

A premium nonionic laundry detergent that is excellent for cleaning synthetic and natural fabrics. Penetrates stains and promotes emulsification of oily soils. APPLICATIONS: Recommended for use with automatic laundry equipment in hotels, motels, hospitals, nursing homes, commercial laundries, restaurants, and other on-premise laundries. General Purpose: Ideal for many types of industrial and institutional laundry. Will not harm any water-washable fabric. Effective On Oily Soils: Special surfactant system provides excellent cleaning action against oily and greasy soils. Brightens Fabrics: Optical brightener renews the brightness of whites and colored fabrics. Liquid Concentrate: Mixes readily and goes to work immediately. Will not clog or cake up on automatic injectors. Hard Water Tolerant: Performance and rinsability are unaffected by moderate levels of water hardness. Water conditioning agents help prevent the deposition of dulling, graying film on fabrics.

  • Concentrated
  • Economical
  • Saves Floor Space
  • Less Package Weight
  • Safer to Handle
  • Storage Space Efficient
  • High Performance Product
  • Reduces Rewash


FOR AUTOMATIC FEEDING: Open container carefully. Remove pickup tube or cap adapter from empty container and insert into new container being careful not to drip any product on skin or clothing. If air pockets are present in tubing leading from container to dispenser or from dispenser to laundry machine, prime dispenser to completely fill tubing. Dispenser is programmed to add Premium FL Emulsifier Detergent to correct machine cycle in the proper amount.

Consult your ACS Representative for specific instruction and application set up.


  • Appearance: Green
  • Specific Gravity: 1.01
  • Odor: Citrus
  • Ph (Conc.): 10-11
  • Flash Point: >212°F (100°C)