Laundry Bleach Destainer
Laundry Bleach Destainer


$ 40.55 USD

Premium FL Destainer is a powerful chlorine bleach that effectively destains most protein soils. Most effective when used at high temperatures (140−160° F) with a pH of 10.5-10.8 Note: Not for use on natural silk, wool, and nylon. Use in the wash cycle at 6 ounces per 100 pounds (100-150 ppm chlorine) of laundry. Most effective when used at 140−160°F. EFFECTIVE: Removes many of the most difficult to remove stains. Provides powerful rapid stain removal. IMPROVES BRIGHTNESS: Renews fabric brightness and whiteness lost after repeated launderings due to graying or yellowing. FRESHENS: Eliminates odors from fabrics CONCENTRATED: Contains 12% available chlorine for economical use. Mixes readily and goes to work immediately. Will not clog automatic injectors. APPLICATIONS: Recommended for use with automatic laundry equipment in hotels, motels, hospitals, nursing homes, commercial laundries, restaurants, and other on-premise laundries.

  • Concentrated
  • Economical
  • Saves Floor Space
  • Less Package Weight
  • Safer to Handle
  • Cubic Package
  • Storage Space Efficient
  • High Performance Product
  • Reduces Rewash


FOR AUTOMATIC FEEDING: Open container carefully. Remove pickup tube or cap adapter from empty container and insert into new container being careful not to drip any product on skin or clothing. If air pockets are present in tubing leading from container to dispenser or from dispenser to laundry machine, prime dispenser to completely fill tubing. Dispenser is programmed to add Premium FL Destainer to correct machine cycle in the proper amount.

Consult your ACS Representative for specific instruction and application set up.


  • Appearance: Colorless to light amber
  • Specific Gravity: 1.3
  • Odor: Chlorine/bleach
  • Ph (Conc.): 13-14
  • Flash Point: Not available