Caustic Test Kit

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With our easy-to-use test kits, you can easily verify the concentration levels of Caustic cleaners in your workplace. This test kit is used to test caustic levels in processing equipment, as well as, other applications. Concentration levels are represented in % caustic. Each kit is packaged in a durable plastic case and includes all items to complete approximately 60-75 tests.

Features & Benefits

Quickly and accurately perform a caustic test.

  1. Rinse viral 3 times with sample to be tested. Ensure proper sample size. Use a level surface and bend down to eye level to verify that you have an accurate sample. Use a white surface to help see the color change.
  2. Add 3 drop of phenolphthalein indicator to the vital. Be sure to hold the vial vertically to get a consistent drop size. After each drop, swirl the vial to make sure the sample is properly mixed.
  3. The next step is to perform the titration. Refer to the factor card or the instruction sheet to determine the proper titrant. Count the number of drops until the vial has changed from red to colorless.
  4. Multiply the drops by the conversion factor to obtain the percent caustic.
Product Properties

1 drop = 0.1% Caustic / 10mL

Refill Reagents:

  • HA6207-B, Hydrochloric Acid 7.7N, 60 mL
  • PH1605-A, Phenolphthalein Indicator, 30 mL
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