Laundry Detergent
Laundry Detergent


$ 101.94 USD

Premium FL Built combines a laundry builder with a detergent to increase pH and remove soil all in one product. The alkaline pH of Premium FL Built speeds up soil removal during washing by allowing the individual fibers of a fabric to open up which expedites entrapped soil release. This product is a highly alkaline product that also contains water softening and soil anti-redeposition agents to aid in the washing process.‍

Features & Benefits

  • Concentrated
  • Economical
  • Saves Floor Space
  • Less Package Weight
  • Safer to Handle
  • Storage Space Efficient
  • Reduces Rewash


FOR AUTOMATIC FEEDING: Open container carefully. Remove pickup tube or cap adapter from empty container and insert into new container being careful not to drip any product on skin or clothing. If air pockets are present in tubing leading from container to dispenser or from dispenser to laundry machine, prime dispenser to completely fill tubing. Dispenser is programmed to add Premium FL Built to correct machine cycle in the proper amount.

Consult your ACS Representative for specific instruction and application set up.


  • Appearance: Dark blue
  • Specific Gravity: 1.15
  • Odor: Indistinct
  • Ph (Conc.): 14
  • Flash Point: Not applicable