Oil Based Stainless Steel Cleaner
Oil Based Stainless Steel Cleaner


$ 69.83 USD

This stainless steel cleaner and polish is an oil-based formula that is non-abrasive and forms a protective coating. It cleans, polishes, and preserves the high luster of stainless steel and other metal finishes. Brilliance creates a finish that is streak-free and resistant to watermarks, spots, and fingerprints. This stainless steel polish also makes future cleanups easier. It can be equally effective for use on aluminum, chrome, Formica®, porcelain, and ceramic tile.


Shake well. Holding container 6 - 12 inches from surface to be cleaned, spray product sparingly, and wipe clean. Polish immediately with a dry cloth or paper towel. May also be used to clean chrome, tile, porcelain, and Formica®.


  • APPEARANCE: Colorless Mist
  • ODOR: Lemon
  • pH: N/A
  • FLAMMABILITY: Flammable
  • NET WEIGHT: 14.5 oz.
  • STORAGE STABILITY: 120°F Maximum
  • SHELF LIFE: 1 Year +