Silverware Presoak
Silverware Presoak


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BEACON is a concentrated silverware presoak detergent with enzymes which softens and loosens dried-on foods, guaranteeing removal of all food soils in the dishmachine. BEACON is dispensed through a unique dispenser, typically the P4C4000 and R2U4000, to eliminate overuse. Excellent performance in all water conditions.


Remove the plastic cap. Place upside down in dispenser. Activate dispenser to obtain a pre-measured amount of BEACON in silverware soak pan. To remove black tarnish from the silver plate, place a sheet of Aluminium foil in the presoak pan. Add BEACON solution.


  • Concentrated formula removes tarnish and stubborn dried on foods.
  • One capsule yields approximately 760 gallons use solution.
  • Color - Blue
  • Fragrance - None
  • pH - NA
  • pH, Use Solution - 9.0-10.0Detergency - Excellent
  • Wetting - Excellent
  • Emulsification - Excellent
  • Hard Water Tolerance - Excellent
  • Rinsability - Excellent
  • Fumes - None
  • Flash Point - None
  • Corrosive Factor - None
  • Shelf Life - 1 year