Food-Grade Organic Defoamer
Food-Grade Organic Defoamer


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Shepard Brothers SB-ANTIFOAM 2000 FG-K is a 100% active, food-grade organic defoamer prepared from naturally-derived vegetable (triglyceride) oils. It is approved under 21CFR173.340 for use as a process defoamer and can be used in systems where direct food contact is entailed. It is certified as Kosher. SB-ANTIFOAM 2000 FG-K is water dispersible, but would not be considered water-soluble. This permits rapid foam suppression and surface spreading in most systems but does not detract from long-term antifoam persistence. The product can be applied in neat form or introduced via a water feed system. In the latter case, in-line mixers or similar equipment can be used to ensure adequate mixing. Water dilution in a day tank or holding tank is not recommended unless the material is to be used in a relatively short period of time. SB-ANTIFOAM 2000 FG-K does not significantly contribute to the fouling of membrane filters and spray nozzles.

Appearance at 25°C Opaque, creamy yellow-tan liquid

Odor Bland

Water Solubility Readily Dispersible

Viscosity in cps at 25°C 450-1500

Flash Point °F (PMCC) Greater than 300


Use rates can vary from 50 ppm up to 1000 ppm depending upon the severity of the foam, residence time of the defoamer in the foaming system, and other environmental factors. SB-ANTIFOAM 2000 FG-K is recommended for use under neutral to slightly alkaline pH conditions. A pH range of between 5.5 to 9.0 is suggested for optimum antifoam performance. SB-ANTIFOAM 2000 FG-K works very well at elevated temperatures. The product does not freeze if stored at cold temperatures, but does exhibit a marked viscosity increase.


Appearance: Amber

Odor: Mild. fatty odor.

Flammability (solid, gas): No data available.

Specific Gravity (Water = 1): 0.94

Density: NA

Solubility in Water: Emulsifies