The Top 5 Most Common Chemicals You'll Find

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July 26, 2022
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Common Chemical Types You'll Find

Important - ACS is a leading chemical and service provider for restaurants, bars, healthcare facilities, retail stores, and schools. We provide many products mentioned in this post. With every chemical product we provide customers, we strongly encourage them to read the product Safety and Technical Data Sheets. When in doubt, ask your local ACS rep for guidance and instruction on proper application.

Understanding the exact chemicals that go into various cleaning products and sanitation solutions is key to understanding when and why to use those products. While advancements are being made in the chemical industry every day, there are a few common chemicals and chemical formulas that are almost always used in certain products.

1. Nitrogen

As a gas, nitrogen is used in a huge variety of products. It is typically used to protect materials that cannot come in contact with oxygen. Liquid nitrogen is a product used in a lot of solutions to perform the following purposes:

  • Quickly freeze products so they can be processed
  • Manufacture metal and steel
  • Freeze wet ground for ease of construction
  • Cool chemical reactor devices

2. Sulfuric Acid

Also known as H2SO4, sulfuric acid is the top produced chemical across the entire world. While it is mostly used in fertilizers, it is also used in a lot of industrial cleaning solutions. As one of the biggest industrial chemicals, it is found in:


"Check the labels of your household cleaning products. You may be surprised just how many of these products contain bleach. Bleach is a highly hazardous chemical, and it can be found in many cleaning supplies, including toilet cleaners, stain removers, and tile residue removers." - Karen Wiggins

By far, one of the most common and widely used chemicals is liquid bleach. Its whitening and germ-killing properties make it not only a popular commercial chemical but a household product. While liquid bleach is useful for whitening clothes, removing stains, and disinfecting bathroom areas, it remains highly toxic. Even in a diluted state, liquid bleach is a product that should be used with caution.

With proper care and safety precautions, the user can reduce the risk of complications for themselves and co-workers. Another great solution is switching to a less toxic product that uses Hydrogen peroxide.

Common Applications:

4. Ethylene Dichloride

While this chemical is most commonly used to make PVC pipes, ethylene dichloride is also seen in a lot of cleaning solutions and synthetic materials. More often than not, ethylene dichloride is an ingredient in:

  • Dry cleaning solutions
  • Cleaning fluids
  • Floors
  • Synthetic rubber

5. Propylene

Propylene is an important chemical for use in the cleaning chemicals industry. This is a great contributor for other compounds, which are almost always found in the following solutions:

  • Laundry detergents
  • Paints
  • Brake fluids

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