What You’ll Need To Clean Every Surface

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July 26, 2022
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What You’ll Need To Clean Every Surface

Floor Cleaning

The first step of cleaning a floor is to use a large broom to sweep away dry dirt, debris, and trash. Typically, a large shop broom is used for this task. Shop brooms are built out of durable materials, and feature long handles and 42” or wider bristle heads – allowing debris to be removed quickly and efficiently.

For basic floor cleaning needs, simple mopping is often the best choice. Using a high-quality mop with the proper mopping pad and a large, high-capacity mop bucket, you can apply powerful cleaning solutions that have a neutral pH and are great to your floors that will help you get rid of dirt, stains, spills, and more.

Carpet Cleaning

To clean carpet effectively, a wide variety of commercial cleaning products are required.

The most basic tool for carpet cleaning is an industrial vacuum. These vacuums provide high-powered performance, and can pick up dirt, food debris, grime, dust, and fibers from carpet.

Carpet extractors can be used for more heavily-soiled carpet. These high-pressure units use a combination of water, solid cleaning product, and pressure to remove stains from carpet, and extract dirt from deep down within the fibers of the carpet.

Sprayers are also used for carpet cleaning. These high-pressure units apply powerful cleaning compounds to stains at pressures in excess of 1,500+ PSI, and are usually used to apply pre-treatment compounds.

Dryers & air movers are also often used for carpet cleaning. These industrial fans help quickly dry out wet carpet that has been cleaned. This helps reduce the risk of mildew development, and ensure carpet dries quickly.

Bathroom Cleaning

Bathroom cleaning is still mostly done by hand, despite advances in cleaning technology. Toilets and urinals are cleaned using powerful disinfectant solutions, usually based on bleach. These solutions are applied in advance, and then a brush or bowl mop is used to remove any surface stains, debris, or other materials.

Bathroom floors are typically cleaned with a broom to remove dry debris. Then a mop, using a specialized mop head and a disinfectant solution that includes aggressive cleaning agents, is used to clean any areas that need special attention. Usually, this is all that is required for day-to-day cleaning.

However, bathrooms that use tile and grouting may also require periodic maintenance and cleaning with specialized tools. Hard surface tile cleaners are built specifically for cleaning bathrooms and other tiled surfaces.

They feature a small, rotating brush-head, usually 12 inches in diameter, and provide pressures from 500-3000PSI. Using high pressure and a built-in vacuum, these advanced tools can remove dirt and grime from even the most soiled tiles and grouting.

Spot cleaning is also often required for sinks, mirrors, and other surfaces. This is usually done with disinfecting spray solution and paper towels, sponges, or disposable rags.

Window Cleaning

Window cleaning can be done with a variety of different tools, depending on whether the interior or exterior of a window must be cleaned.

Exterior window cleaning usually requires only a squeegee, a bucket, and an advanced glass cleaning solution. Large squeegees are typically used, allowing you to quickly remove dirt, streaks, stains, and other unsightly spots from windows quickly.

Indoor window cleaning is quite similar. However, the large squeegees used for exterior window cleaning can often cause spills and streaks on interior windows. Because of this, smaller squeegees are typically used, often in a triangular design. These squeegees allow you to reach into the corners of windows, and eliminate unsightly build-up quickly.

Streak-less glass cleaners are the most common type of commercial cleaning product used to clean windows. These glass cleaners are formulated with advanced detergents that blast away dirt and grime, yet dry for a totally streak-free shine, resulting in beautiful and perfect windows.

Metal Surfaces

Cleaning metal surfaces often requires a much more specialized approach. The correct cleaning product must be chosen for the surface. For example, stainless steel should only be cleaned with a specialized stainless steel cleaner – and ammonia, bleach, and other harsh chemicals can damage the finish of a metal surface.

Usually, it’s best to clean a metal surface by hand using warm water and a commercial-grade soap or detergent that’s safe for the metal you’re cleaning. Then, using a non-abrasive cloth, metal polish must be applied to ensure a mirror-like finish, and to protect the surface of the metal against damage, scratches, and corrosion.

Keep It Clean – With These Commercial Cleaning Products!

Whether you’re looking to invest in new cleaning products for your store or restaurant, or you’re part of a cleaning service and looking to deepen your knowledge of commercial cleaning products, we hope this article has been helpful.

With some basic knowledge about commercial cleaning products, you’ll be able to keep your business looking spic-n-span – while investing less time and effort!

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