3 STEPS - Refill a Commercial Soap Dispenser

Advanced Chemical Solutions
July 26, 2022
5 min read

How to refill a commercial soap dispenser in 3 easy steps.

Commercial hand dispensers are some of the most frequently used dispensers in any establishment. They take around 5 minutes to properly install with a handful of screws and a level. Being a high-volume dispenser regularly used by customers and staff, they can take quite a beating and should be monitored every 2 months.


Opening a Brightwell Clearly Better Automatic Hand Dispenser.

Using the manufacturer dispenser key, usually with your chemical rep or in a safety book, press the pronged key into the opening on the top of the dispenser. This will release the face of the dispenser and expose the product cartridge.


Replacing a Brightwell Clearly Better Hand Soap Cartridge
ACS Clearly Better Pear Foaming Hand Soap

Carefully release the green bar towards the ground. Press the small release tab next to the cartridge nozzle. This will allow you to slide the empty unit out. Take your replacement cartridge of hand soap or sanitizer and press the container into the unit until it clicks. This indicates there is a connection between the seal and the dispenser. Lift the green bar back to its original position and close the face of the dispenser.


Testing a Brightwell Clearly Better Automatic Hand Dispenser.

Place your hand under the dispenser to perform a test. If the product doesn't flow properly, reopen the dispenser and make sure the placement is correct. Grab a wet paper town to clean any extra product off the dispenser for later use.

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